Museum Praha
The world´s biggest museum

Museum Praha

The Prague Museum is the largest of the five both in terms of the area and the number of exhibits on display. It is the largest museum among all the Czech and world museums of this kind.

A couple of numbers and statistics for reference - on an area of ​​420 m2, there are 20 thematic exhibits displayed, containing a total of 3,000 unique models, which are composed of more than 1,000,000 Lego cubes.

In the Prague Museum branch, unique models of Prague landmarks such as Charles Bridge, the National Museum, the Old Town Astronomical Clock and the National Theater are displayed. Apart from Prague landmarks, other models include the Church of Vasily the Blessed, the dominant of the Red Square and the symbol of Moscow, the Italian Trevi Fountain or the Mole, a famous fictional cartoon character created by the artist Zdeněk Miler, which is widely regarded as a folk symbol of the Czech nation. You can also find exhibitions dedicated to medieval knights, trains and locomotives, Star Wars, Harry Potter and many other unique sets. The visitors can also learn about the history and development of the LEGO® brand and other interesting topics regarding the world of Lego. For example, did you know that Lego sets used to be wooden?

We have a special kid's corner in the museum - special in the sense that it is intended for visitors of all ages, as we believe that everyone can enjoy building models with Lego, regardless of their age. If you would like to continue building even after opening hours, visit our well-equipped store, where you will find current LEGO® kits, limited sets, and exclusive LEGO® products, which can't be found anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Our shop is a paradise for collectors of minifigures and customers looking for spare parts. Finally, the Prague store also offers selected historical Lego sets for avid collectors and Lego investors.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 10 until 20 hours

We always make changes to opening hours and restrictions on this site.

How do you get there?

Národní 362/31, PSČ 110 00, Praha

Get off at the Národní třída stop.

Get off at the Národní třída stop.

You can park your car in the paid car park at Národní Street (50 CZK / hour) or in the paid car park at the National Theater (40 CZK / hour)


Adults 280 Kč
Seniors 160 Kč
Students 200 Kč
Children 180 Kč
Children under 120cm 120 Kč
Family 2+1 580 Kč
Family 2+2 650 Kč
Family 2+3 750 Kč

10% GROUP DISCOUNT over 10 people (not applicable to school and family tickets)

* One adult for ten children FREE. Groups of more than ten people must be ordered.


+420 777 771 070