Lego Museum Kutná Hora
more than 1000 original models

Museum Kutná Hora

More than 1000 original Lego models are spread on more than 1502 surface of the Kutna Hora museum. The most visitors come to see (and also admire the most) the splendid model of the Sedlec Ossuary, which is built of more than 50 000 cubes, while the actual Ossuary stands just a few kilometers far from Kutna Hora.

After visiting the museum you should definitely visit the cafe and the children´s play area. Museum is located in the city center and after you visit you can go on to see the rest of the beautiful town which is rightly part of UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 9 until 18 hours

We always make changes to opening hours and restrictions on this site.

How do you get there?

Zámecká 52, PSČ 284 01, Kutná Hora

Autem možnost parkování:
- 60m "Parkoviště Zámecká"


Základní 200 Kč
Senioři 130 Kč
Studenti 150 Kč
Děti (do 18 let) 130 Kč
Děti (do 120cm) 70 Kč
Rodina 2+2 500 Kč

10% GROUP DISCOUNT over 10 people (not applicable to school and family tickets)

* One adult for ten children FREE. Groups of more than ten people must be ordered.


+420 608 779 966